Relationship Counselling

Your relationship
is important to us.

Either in marriage, partnership or families, Counselling can help you have the relationship you are dreaming of if you are BOTH committed to making your relationship a priority.

Just like maintaining a car, your relationship may require a tune-up or major service, preventing you from being stranded alone on the side of the road. Our dedicated team are committed to aiding you, just like your car mechanic, in navigating your situation to bring the best out in your relationship.

Relationship Counselling
will help you:

  • Understand what stage of the relationship you are in and how to navigate into the next stage.
  • Manage differences of opinion.
  • Improve communication skills; Learn how to talk at a heart to heart level rather than head to head.
  • Turn off filters and improve communication.
  • Learn how to compromise using problem solving techniques.
  • Identify each others ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.
  • Explore each others hopes, dreams, worries and concerns.
  • Identify what works well in your relatironship – there are always things that you’re doing really well!
  • Move on from the disappointments, hurts and anger.
  • Identify each others strengths & manage each others weaknesses.